Jonas Alsleben

M.Sc. Jonas Alsleben

Doctoral Student

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

I’m a geographer interested in analyzing regional implications of global change in social-ecological systems by means of remote sensing and quantitative methods. During my undergraduate studies, I mostly worked on the interactions of ecological and geomorphological processes by combining optical and lidar drone surveys with extensive field work in the European Alps and the Chilean Coastal Cordillera. Within my graduate studies, I strengthened my skills in large-area mapping with optical satellite data to identify impacts of climate and land use change in temperate forests, agricultural systems in Germany and the Colombian Andes. In my Phd, I aim to enhance the understanding of habitat and biodiversity change in grasslands by linking spectral and phenological information from remote sensing time series with ecological field data.

Rudower Chaussee 16, 12489 Berlin
Room Location: Room 2'210, 'old' building
  • Machine and deep learning for linking field and remote sensing data across scales
  • Mapping impacts of land use and climate change on biodiversity and habitat
  • Mapping temporal dynamics of crop production in social-ecological systems
  • Biogeomorphic feedbacks between geomorphological processes and ecological traits
  • MSc. in Global Change Geography, 2024

    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany)

  • B.Sc. Geography, 2021

    University of Bonn (Germany)

  • Erasmus +, 2018

    University College London (United Kingdom)

Latest Publications