Colloquium Earth Observation Lab

Arctic shrub expansion revealed from Landsat derived multitemporal vegetation cover fractions in the Mackenzie Delta Region (Leon Nill)

Colloquim series for the current semester (HU Berlin login required)

Students present their initial concept and the progress made in the Bachelor or Master’s thesis carried out in our lab. All thesis students present their work at least twice in order to get constructive feedback and critical discuss methodological and thematic aspects of their respective projects with a wide range of peers (fellow students, PhD students, postdocs and faculty members). The colloquium is held in English. The colloquium also serves as a forum for improving presentation and communication skills, and for developing ideas for possible future thesis topics. Finally, in the colloquium we also have the opportunity to provide skills training and tips on scientific writing and presentations.

We expect all students carrying out Bachelor or Master theses in our lab to regularly participate in the colloquium!

Check the EOLab website under the section “Thesis Guidelines” for details on BSc and MSc thesis writing and the role of the colloquium.

If you present, make sure you’ve carefully read the guidelines for Bachelor and Master students. In short, BSc students present a flash talk and a full talk, MSc students present a full talk and a defense.